All you ever wanted to know.

Tahnee.com opened in 2001 after several years of development. Little did I know how it would grow due to the world's Tahnee population!

From toychest to community

I was just a kid tinkering around with HTML. The Internet was relatively new and I had decided to register my own domain name to have an online HTML playground. In my youth, I put up anything and everything I could think a website ever needed... from ASCII art to Nintendo cheats.

Shortly after its launch, I got the idea to devote a section of the site to other Tahnees in the world. This was known as the Hall of Tahnees and amassed over 300 Tahnees over the years of its activity. As I grew older (and more mature), I realized how silly the site had become with all the remnants of my childhood HTML tinkering. Two things were certain-- all the old content was fun to make, but useless in the end; and the site's main focus shifted to all the girls named Tahnee that stumbled across it.

So that's how it got to what you're looking at now: a website purely devoted to its name.

I opened another website devoted to my own life's focus, which is art-- Tahnee.org. I am currently a student majoring in Character Animation at CalArts, class of 2012!