Why Join?

Why join the Tahnee Community?

First off, the Tahnee Community is RESTRICTED to Tahnees. Anyone who attempts to sign up that is not a Tahnee will be immediately denied approval or will be banned.

The Tahnee Community is an exclusive all-Tahnee online hangout. Why? Because the name is special and rare, and we've got unique name-related stories to share with each other! Plus, who would have guessed that the name, though rare, has been noted in countries from Canada to Australia to Germany to Morocco to many, many more? It's truly world-wide, and the World Wide Web is the one place where we can all get together and learn about each other's lifestyles in different cultures... Perhaps we can see how much we differ in our day-to-day lives but are really quite similar in some of our interests.

All members are automatically added to the Hall of Tahnees, which is viewable to the public. This is not an option! The original Hall of Tahnees had well over three hundred members. I bet we could beat that!

If you plan on being a public nuisance, plan on getting banned within the first signs of your annoyance. Otherwise, all Tahnees are welcome!