So what's behind the name?

The name "Tahnee" seems to have mysterious roots, if any roots at all. All these translations and possible roots of the name have been emailed to me, so the validity of their meanings may not be 100% accurate.

Possible name deviation

A possible root of the name is derived from "Titania", from which the Ti- was taken away for Tania, which then changed into Tani; the spelling was eventually further evolved into "Tahnee".


This is a collection of all the name's possible meanings, which were emailed to me. Some may not be for the exact spelling of "Tahnee" but apply rather to the phonetic name, which has a variety of alternative spellings.

  • "Tahnee" supposedly translates into "Princess" in an Indian language.
  • The name "Tahnee" originates from the Native American tribe, Comanche. (Thanks to Tahnee Wuyts!)
  • "beside the sea" in Polynesian (Thanks to another Tahnee!)
  • "In Aussie Aboriginal, Tahnee means 'wave'" - Thanks to yet another Tahnee for this one.
  • "little arm from the tree" In Indi from India.
  • "honey-colored" (Native American) according to Tahnee Brummer.
  • "Desire" in Sioux Indian.
  • "big bush", according to an Indian that Tahnee Wuyts' mom talked with.
  • "Little One"
  • A girl who's kind and patient.
  • ''golden brown'' in old english (thanks to Tahnee Norman!) -- this most likely appllies to "Tawny".
  • Tahnee Hall says that when she was younger and lived in Florida, there were many Indian tribes. She went to an Indian reservation once and asked an old man about the name, who said it meant "Rocky and Difficult Mountain".
  • "rainwater" or "waterfall", from a North American Indian tribe, although this is more specific for "Tahné".
  • Tahnee Haworth's mom, Tracey, was told that the name meant "desirable" in American Indian and "Little One" in Old English.
  • Tahnee Hughes was once told by a woman from India that the name meant "the congratulator" (the bringer of good news) in her language.
  • Another possible root is from the french word "tanee", meaning "tan".
  • "Spring Rain" from Taiwan, according to Tahnee Rahilly.
  • Tahnee Balestrieli's great-grandmother was a full-blooded Crow Indian, and translated in their language it means "Peaceful Valley".
  • Another Tahnee "was always told that 'Tahnee' was a Hawaiian Indian name that meant 'very pretty'. "
  • "flame-haired one" in Navajo.
  • "Little white dove" is a possible Cheyenne Indian translation.
  • "Pure"
  • "Fairy Queen" from a Russian spelling.
  • "Valley of Dreams" in Maori and "Salty water" in Aboriginal (Thanks to Tahnee Teagle).
  • "Salty water" in Aboriginal.
  • "To be strong" is a possible Latin root.
  • This is a name card from Tahnee Auld:

  • Possibly a word for "water" in an Indian language, thanks to Tahneé Mckelligan.
  • "Deer Soup", given to the member of the Osage Indian tribe that "takes care of everyone", according to Tahnee Neether.
  • "Coming New Moon" (Thanks to Tahnee Jade).
  • In Old Gipsy the meaning of the name Tahnnee is "Babe"; my source was a book many years ago, that showed the origin of names...but I don't recall the name of the book, nor the author. The book also said tht by changes from Tahnnee (Babe) to Tahnee meant "valley". (Thanks to Tahnee Saphrey).
  • The pronunciation of "Tahnee" in Australia sounds like "Tarnee" from the local accent. Tarni May says that "Tarni" is a shortened from "Tarnya".


According to this, the name "Tahnee Mara" was referenced to in a movie, Chisum, and was given the definition of "lonely wind". However, script writers likely did not research the real definition, and that definition has already been disproven in Comanche or Apache. The name "Tahnee" by itself was also given the possible translations "wind", "desire" or "longing" but have also not been proven.

The Greek Goddess Athene (Alternate spelling, "Athena"): the letters can be rearranged into "Tahnee". Athene was the goddess of war, wisdom, and crafts.

Fun fact: It's been said that Tahnee Welch's real name was originally La Tahn Renee Welch, which she changed in her teen years to Tahnee Welch.

In Maori, Tane, "Tah-nay" (close to "Tahnee", but is pronounced "-nay" instead of "-nee") means "Silver haired one" or also in reference to the male gender. In this language (from New Zealand), it's also Tatyana, Tatjana, Tahnia, Tatiana, Tahnea.

"Tanya" is short for Tatiana - an Italian name that's ancient for Tonya, Tana, Tahnee

Alternative Spellings

  • Tahnée
  • Tahneé
  • Tawny
  • Tani
  • Tahné
  • Tawnee
  • Tawni
  • Tahni
  • Tonny
  • Tauny
  • Tahnnee


If you have an alternative spelling or a translation that you would like to add, please email it to tahneegehm@yahoo.com -- please also mention a source that you heard your translation from!